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Checks on the operation of lights on vehicle.

Checks on the operation of windscreen washers and wipers.

Checks on transmission and diff oil levels.

Checks on drive belts for cracks and wear.

Checks on the condition of hoses and radiators.

Checks for any leaks.

Checks on the condition of coolants.

Checks on suspension and steering.

Checks under the vehicle for oil leaks.

Checks on the exhaust system.

Checks on the brake system for leaks.

Checks on the condition of brake hoses and pads/shoes.

Checks on wheels/bearings and tyre air pressure.

Replacement of engine oil filter.

Replacement of engine oil.

Cleaning of battery terminals and test battery.

Adding injector cleaner to fuel.

Inspect cooling system.

Inspect and clean air filter.

Lubricate doors and locks.

Clean windscreen.

Test drive vehicle.


      Am I covered under New Car Warranty?


The answer is Yes!

"Essentially this means that a vehicle manufacturer cannot specify that you must have your car serviced by a particular dealer or group of dealers as part of the warranty conditions.

Nor can a manufacturer void a warranty simply because a vehicle owner has chosen to have a vehicle serviced outside the dealer network." - RACQ

In accordance to the ACCC you are covered by new car warranty. You are able to get your vehicle serviced by someone other than the dealer you bought your vehicle from as long as they adhere to certain conditions.


These conditions include that the vehicle must be serviced by a reputable, registered and qualified mechanic, the service must be carried out according to the manufacturer's specifications and approved quality parts must be used. If the manufacturer's conditions are met then the warranty of your vehicle will remain valid. 


However extended warranties may not apply.

For more information please see the RACQ website below.

      What is a Logbook Service?


A logbook service is a service that is carried out according to the manufacturer's specifications for a particular vehicle. What is done during the service depends on where the vehicle's service schedule is up to. The service schedule is determined upon the mileage the vehicle has done or the time frame. E.g. the logbook might say your vehicle needs to be serviced every 6 months or every 10,000 km. Whichever comes first.


A logbook service at Tunetech Automotive gives you peace of mind knowing that we source approved parts from reputable suppliers. We also use specific oils for each individual vehicle that match the manufacturer's specifications.


We also report any vehicle issues and advise our clients



      What does a Tunetech Automotive Logbook Service include?

When you get a logbook service done at Tunetech Automotive you have the peace of mind that we source parts from reputable suppliers that are covered under new car warranty.

We also have a free courtesy car available through booking (conditions apply). Alternatively there is public transport systems nearby including the Cleveland and Ormiston train stations as well as bus services. Otherwise feel free to wait in our reception area with our friendly staff.

Contact us to make a booking.

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