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      Air Conditioning.


We offer air conditioning services at our workshop. Our contractor has over 25 years experience in air conditioning maintenance and repair.

As an owner it is important to take care of your vehicle. Some simple checks you can do between services include checking your oil, water levels and tyres. Maintaining your vehicle regularly can help you financially in the long run. Below are a few services that we do to help with vehicle management.

      EFI Diagnostics/ Engine Management.


We have the latest software & diagnostic tools for most makes and models (EFI Diagnostics and Oscilloscopes). Our staff are trained in the use of all diagnostic equipment and keep up to date with regular training seminars.


      Auto Electrical Repairs.


We do all auto electrical repairs on vehicles from standard cars to 4x4, boats and trailers. Some of these include dual battery setups, trailer lights, towbar wiring and much more. 

      Engine/ Gearbox Rebuilds.


We do repairs and rebuilds for all engines and gearbox tranmissions in any type of vehicle.


Usually the need for rebuilding an engine is due to a loss of compression, excessive oil consumption, or excessive oil clearances. Regular service and maintenance of your vehicle, in most cases, would prevent such problems.

      Brakes and Clutches.


When changing brake pads we machine all rotors unless unservicable. We only use good quality Bendix pads on vehicles we service. Vehicles include trailers and caravans.

When replacing clutches we recommend Excedy clutches. We also machine flywheels unless unservicable.

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